What’s in an Olympics Medal?

What can show a fundamentally Korean DNA, while resonating with a global audience? Lee Suk-woo designed the medals for the Pyeongchang Olympics, which starts next week. Here is Lee’s story, and what went behind the medal he designed.

Happy birthday, Maestro Chung!

The first guest conductor of Sächsischen Staatskapelle Dresden, Myung-Whun Chung, celebrates his 65th birthday today. The musicians of the Staatskapelle congratulate him with all their hearts on social media and are already happy to perform the next concerts with Maestro Chung in April.

K-Pop: Korea’s Secret Weapon?

Adele Roberts tracks the rise of Korean Pop – the lifestyle, the fashion and the fans – and meets BTS, the biggest band in the scene. Is K-Pop about to take the world by storm?

Adele investigates the secrets behind the genre, delving in to the lifestyle, the fashion, and looking at the fans and the politics that make up the scene…before meeting the K-Pop band who are taking the world by storm. BTS are the first Korean group to break into the US Top 30 and the UK Top 50 charts. So how is a music genre from a country with a different language, different culture and one of the world’s most heavily militarised borders, becoming so successful around the world?

Hello Bibimix!

Bikini just got a new food market on first floor with 13 different cuisines. One of the food stalls is a new Korean place called BIBIMIX. They service a great bibimbap with different choices of toppings. Welcome to West Berlin, BIBIMIX! (You can also find Bibimix near Alexanderplatz).

Budapester Straße 38 – 50
10787 Berlin

The Bikini Berlin brand is synonymous with a new concept for the heritage-listed building complex at Berlin’s Zoo, which is significantly influencing the transformation and success of the City West. An oasis in the heart of the city, an urban hub and social universe.

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