Agust D – ‘대취타’ MV

BTS member Agust D’s new song ‘Daechwita’, used the Korean traditional song used in marches during the Joseon Dynasty. “He used the song’s name ‘Daechwita’ as the title and by using the original tune at the start of the music, lots of people began to pay attention. From SUGA’s fans to foreigners who didn’t know gugak traditional Korean songs are viewing videos of original songs on our YouTube a lot.” Traditional elements mixed with K-Pop are giving fans around the world a taste of Korea’s unique traditions and cultural heritage. [Bongorama]

Director: Yong Seok Choi (Lumpens).

K-Pop: Korea’s Secret Weapon?

Adele Roberts tracks the rise of Korean Pop – the lifestyle, the fashion and the fans – and meets BTS, the biggest band in the scene. Is K-Pop about to take the world by storm?

Adele investigates the secrets behind the genre, delving in to the lifestyle, the fashion, and looking at the fans and the politics that make up the scene…before meeting the K-Pop band who are taking the world by storm. BTS are the first Korean group to break into the US Top 30 and the UK Top 50 charts. So how is a music genre from a country with a different language, different culture and one of the world’s most heavily militarised borders, becoming so successful around the world?

The new Twice MV is out!!



“TWICEcoaster : LANE 2”
2017.02.20 NEW RELEASE

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