Why You Should Try Korean Pizza

Daniel Oh and Katie Ok host a YouTube channel called Future Neighbor (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Sm…) specializing in Korean home cooking. Today they’re going around Seoul, trying 7 of Korea’s craziest pizzas and explaining what the toppings say about Korean culture.

Video by Robin Fall

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Seoul opens Korean dessert pop-up store ‘Sweet Seoul’ in Paris over weekend

A special pop-up store opened in two spots in Paris over the weekend showcasing Korea’s traditional desserts.
“Sweet Seoul” opened for two days at the Galeries Lafayette department store and at a two-star Michelin Korean restaurant in Paris.
Five Korean dessert chefs presented traditional desserts made from sticky rice, nuts and fruits.
The Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the event to introduce Korea’s culture and food during Seoul Week, which runs from November 14th to 21st.
The pop-up store will also open in New York for two days starting Wednesday.

Tasty Korean cuisine

In her restaurant ‘Kimchi Princess’, Young-Mi Snowden-Park serves authentic Korean dishes. A particularly popular one is Bibimbap, made with mixed rice, vegetables and marinated beef.

Hello Bibimix!

Bikini just got a new food market on first floor with 13 different cuisines. One of the food stalls is a new Korean place called BIBIMIX. They service a great bibimbap with different choices of toppings. Welcome to West Berlin, BIBIMIX! (You can also find Bibimix near Alexanderplatz).

Budapester Straße 38 – 50
10787 Berlin

The Bikini Berlin brand is synonymous with a new concept for the heritage-listed building complex at Berlin’s Zoo, which is significantly influencing the transformation and success of the City West. An oasis in the heart of the city, an urban hub and social universe.

Seoul’s Vibrant Night Market

The Bamdokkaebi Night Markets are one of the most iconic events in Seoul that runs from spring to fall. We take a glimpse into the city’s vibrant night scene filled with food trucks selling all kinds of festival foods and arts and crafts booths.

Yeouido Hangang Riverside Park offers a place to relax for Seoul residents.
In one corner of the park, there is a group of young people. After making sure that everyone is present, they start drawing lots. They are the owners of food trucks that will participate in the Bamdokkaebi Night Market in Yeouido.

After deciding on the place to operate, 45 colorful food trucks enter the park one after another. The market opens at 6 p.m., but preparations begin as early as 3 p.m.

“We’re preparing early so that customers won’t have to wait long.”

The Bamdokkaebi Night Markets are found at Seoul’s four major tourist attractions, from April to October, on Friday and Saturday nights. Each market has a unique theme.

“We wanted to open night markets that were unique to Seoul. The idea was to create nighttime attractions in Seoul and to support startups run by young people.”

The night markets welcomed 3.3 million visitors last year alone. Due to their growing popularity, winning a concession to operate a food truck was a lot harder this year.

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