Twice – Set Me Free

The explosive music video alternates between two sets: a desolate planet in outer space where they perform the song’s choreography and a soundstage designed to look like a small town. “I want all eyes on me / And when we touch, everyone can see / Yeah, come and set me, set me free,” the girl group sing on the chorus. [Source]

NewJeans – OMG

NewJeans – Ditto

A- & B-side!

Itzy – Boys Like You

The group’s new single is a punk rock-style pop genre song and is co-written by Swedish songwriters Didrik Thott and Sebastian Thott, who wrote its previous song, “SNEAKERS.”

Stray Kids – CASE 143

“CASE 143” is Stray Kids’ first title track that has the theme of love and compares the complex emotions of love to a “case.” The group’s producing team 3RACHA, made up of members Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han, wrote the lyrics and participated in the composition for the song.

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