Blackpink – Shut Down

Blackpink’s Born Pink is here. As the K-pop girl group — comprising Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa — release their second album, Blackpink shared the music video for their hip-hop-infused “Shut Down.”
Over the sound of strings and and an insistent bass, the queens of Blackpink aim some strong words their doubters, haters and the paparazzi. In the chorus: “When we pull up you know it’s a shut-down,” while the hook goes, “Whip it whip it whip it whip it / Keep watching me shut it down.”
The lyrics switch between English and Korean as the girls repeat their “Blackpink in your area” catchphrase throughout the track. “Praying for my downfall, many have tried, baby.” [Source]

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